Saturday, May 21, 2011

Diamond Silver Ring Find

So I went out using my Ace 250 metal detector today at a local park looking for some cool stuff in the ground. My day started out kind of slow, with only finding a common clad coin here and there among all of the metal bottle caps that lodged themselves in the dirt. There's a baseball field nearby, so it's likely that these are just from spectators to little league baseball games.

I wasn't having a terrible amount of luck actually working the dirt in the baseball diamond, so I decided to go out a little further into the grassy field where some people play soccer. While sweeping my coil back and forth I eventually got a signal for a coin.  The Ace 250 is cool since it tells me what it thinks the object is. I sweep my coil over and keep getting a consistent quarter signal. I plunged my digger down into the ground and pulled out this fine gem.

It was so dirty that at first I thought it was just a bolt from local construction and put it in my trash pouch, but somewhere along the way it occurred to me to take a closer look. When I wiped the mud away I noticed it was a ring and it was hallmarked as 925S: sterling silver. Even better, I stopped by a local jeweler on the way home and she tested the rock to see if it was a diamond -- and it is!